A Sense of Purpose Drives the VBH Foundation

For Nearly 70 Years, We Have Remained Committed To Our Seniors

The VBH Foundation serves a very important mission: to support the work and ministry of LifeSpire of Virginia by raising funds to help our seniors enjoy a loving, welcoming community with quality care, security, and peace of mind through their lifetime. It is this mission and the spirit of its purpose and message that drives us to continuously grow and improve, so that we can better serve those who need us most.

Who Are You Supporting With a Gift?

85 % are women

63% are widows

55% are over 90

68% live in Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing



You Are Helping to Improve Lives

With your generosity over the years we have remained true to our mission. Residents, along with their families and friends, are among those who understand the value of knowing that their home is secure. They give regularly to support benevolence so others will have that same security.

It is only through the support of generous contributors that seniors who need help can stay in their LifeSpire home. In the words of the daughters of a LifeSpire resident:

Without the generosity of the donors to the Benevolent Fund, our mother would not have been able to live here. This financial assistance allowed her to be surrounded by kind, caring, like-minded individuals in a warm and safe environment. We are so grateful that her final years were such happy ones.

For those of you who give to the Benevolent Fund, we cannot thank you enough for making Lakewood available to people like our Mom. We will always be grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.”

If you also understand why it is so important that our parents, grandparents, and friends can live with dignity, no matter what their social, spiritual, and physical needs are as they age, we would appreciate your support.

Will you make a difference by joining our family of contributors today?

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