Spiritual Life

LifeSpire was founded by Dr. James T. Edwards, then Pastor of Culpeper Baptist Church. Faith was at the core of the organization’s mission in 1949 and remains today as a top priority for residents living in LifeSpire communities. Feeling connected to something larger gives life meaning. A personal connection to faith helps make happier and healthier adults. Spiritual practice helps senior adults overcome depression and fight disease, boosting personal wellness, growth and longevity. In communities like LifeSpire’s, faith is also one of the primary ways of connecting residents to one another. 

Empowering Choices in Purposeful Living is LifeSpire’s mission, so faith remains the heart of everything LifeSpire does. The organization honors and welcomes all faith traditions. LifeSpire’s chaplains are in the communities, leading worship services and programs to support spiritual growth and providing pastoral care for residents in crisis or transition. They are also available for team members who may need support during a stressful time in their lives. Chaplains are visible and accessible to everyone in LifeSpire’s extended family.