Team Member Support

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Employee Crisis Fund
Supporting the Team in Times of Need

Team members in LifeSpire of Virginia communities are going above and beyond to make sure all residents are healthy and happy. One resident said that she feels safer in the LifeSpire of Virginia community than anywhere in the world. The feeling of security and peace of mind that many residents experience is present due to the care and concern displayed by each team member.

I Want to Help the Team in Times of Crisis

As a reminder, each LifeSpire of Virginia community maintains an Employee Crisis Fund to which team members may turn in times of need. It is a blessing for team members to have this resource if they do experience a crisis and need an extra hand, because of circumstances related to COVID-19 or other things going on in their lives. If you would like to show your appreciation for community team members, you can contribute to the Employee Crisis Fund. Each community maintains a separate fund for their team members, so you may choose a community, or you may give to where it’s needed most. 

Employee Education Fund
Investing in Our Team’s Future

LifeSpire of Virginia’s mantra — “Faith.  Wellness.  Community.” — represents an unwavering commitment to residents’ well-being and health; contentment and engagement; independence and safety. In order to fulfill that promise, the organization depends on the talent and dedication of its team members. And to keep them engaged and growing in their profession, LifeSpire of Virginia offers scholarships to help them further their education. 

LifeSpire of Virginia’s Employee Education Fund (EEF) annually provides scholarships to team members — and even to their children and grandchildren. Ultimately the impact of these awards extends to LifeSpire of Virginia residents because trained and educated team members deliver the ultimate in care, service and hospitality.

Teresa Lewis Scholarship Recipient
This is a 2022 scholarship recipient, Teresa Lewis. Teresa is a CNA working in Memory Care at The Culpeper. Teresa is a hard working mom and put the needs of her kids in front of her own educational pursuits. Now ready to focus on her own goals, she is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Justice Administration, with the goal of continuing her education and eventually becoming an attorney. She has been a faithful team member at The Culpeper for five years and we are delighted to have invested in her future!

I Want to Invest in LifeSpire of Virginia Team Members

The EEF provides financial assistance to eligible team members enrolled in 2 year and 4 year degrees. Please support LifeSpire of Virginia’s future by contributing to the EEF today.

If you have any questions about the Employee Crisis Fund or the Employee Education Fund and how LifeSpire of Virginia is supporting team members, contact Jodi Leonard at (804) 521-9213.