Residents at The Glebe Deck the Dining Room Doors

Chef Kenny Allen, Chef Amy Gray, Director of Dining Services Joyce Horton and Food and Beverages Manager Sam Long receive thank you cards from residents.

The dining room at The Glebe is typically bustling with chefs and servers as the team prepares and serves residents their meals. For the last two weeks, that usual mealtime rush has been put on hold as residents shelter at home as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all communal dining is suspended.

But that does not mean the dining services team is at home. Each day team members come to work as usual, prepare and deliver each and every meal to residents – tucking notes and special treats in with the food to ensure residents feel special.

“We are being treated like princes and princesses by the staff,” said Carole Edwards, a resident at The Glebe.

That is why Delilah Copenhaver, another resident at The Glebe, decided it was their turn to make sure the dining services team knows they are appreciated as well.

When Chef Amy Gray and her team arrived to work on April 2, they discovered the doors to the dining room were decorated with cards and well wishes from residents. One poem read, “This little resident didn’t go to the market. This little resident stayed home. This little resident had roast beef. All the little residents had some. All the little residents went, ‘oink, oink, oink!’ they had all been fed so well.”

The cards were so plentiful, a basket full sat outside the dining room to ensure every member of the dining services team got to take one home.