COVID-19 Communications Hub

Community Contacts If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the community’s administrator of health care: The Chesapeake Barbara Jackson-Ingram – 757-223-1677 The Culpeper Jim Jacobsen – 540-321-1301 The Glebe Ellen D’Ardenne – 540-591-2104 Lakewood Felicity Wood – 804-521-9151 Lakewood At Home Tammy Mackey – 804-521-9243 Questions may be submitted via email at… Read more

Residents at The Glebe Handcraft From the Heart

Anne Da Costa loves to sew. She is well-known around The Glebe’s campus for her superior talent behind a sewing machine. So, as the severity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic becomes more and more apparent, nurses and team members at the community knew who to turn to for protection. “The clinic nurse asked me to… Read more

Residents at The Glebe Deck the Dining Room Doors

The dining room at The Glebe is typically bustling with chefs and servers as the team prepares and serves residents their meals. For the last two weeks, that usual mealtime rush has been put on hold as residents shelter at home as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the guidance of the Centers for… Read more

LifeSpire Residents Go Digital

On March 31, Chesapeake resident Jack Lynch surprised his daughter, Becky, with a visit at her home in Hampton, Va. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it had been at least two weeks since the two had seen one another. It wasn’t the visit they would have liked to have had, but it was the safest…. Read more

LifeSpire Teams Up With Local Restaurants to Support Healthcare Workers

As many Americans adjust to a new normal of working from home in a virtual office, it’s business as usual for millions of healthcare workers across the country. Nurses, doctors, servers, housekeepers and facilities crews at each of our communities have shown up for work every day to make sure things run smoothly for LifeSpire’s… Read more

Chesapeake Family Gets Creative to Show Love

Rachel Wallis’s family is very close. Ever since she moved to the Chesapeake, lunches and have been a tradition. Seeing her children is something Rachel counts on which makes the recent visitor restrictions quite difficult for her and all residents. On March 13, the management team made the difficult decision to restrict visitors and guests… Read more

Lakewood Residents Host Socially Distant Sing-A-Long

By now, most people across the world have seen the viral videos of neighbors in Italy singing together from their balconies at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic there. The video is a heartwarming moment in an otherwise challenging time for the world. Seeing the popularity, residents at Lakewood decided to organize a similar sing-a-long… Read more

Local Florist Surprises Culpeper Residents With Tulip Bouquets

When Marcia Osbourne received a knock on her front door on March 26, she was delighted to find fresh blooms delivered to her doorstep. Courtesy of Bloomia—a wholesale florist located in King George, Va.— residents at The Culpeper received a bouquet of tulips. “My room looks more like spring is on its way! Thank you for… Read more

Residents at The Glebe Donate to Local Food Bank Amidst COVID-19

Residents at The Glebe—LifeSpire’s community in Daleville, Va.—are socially distancing after Gov. Ralph Northam (D–VA.) issued his recent Executive Order regarding the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These guidelines have made life challenging for seniors who are the most at risk when it comes to contracting the virus. At the recommendation of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid… Read more

LifeSpire Temporarily Closes Headquarters, Lakewood At Home Office

Gov. Ralph Northam (D–Va.) today issued an executive order mandating the closure of non-essential brick-and-mortar businesses that can’t ensure social distancing. As such, LifeSpire of Virginia will close its headquarters located at 3961 Stillman Parkway as well as its Lakewood at Home office located at 3960 Stillman Parkway, Suite 119, both in Glen Allen, Va…. Read more