LifeSpire of Virginia Installs Temperature Screening Terminals

As an extra step in efforts to safeguard residents, families, team members and visitors, LifeSpire of Virginia communities have new temperature screening terminals onsite. These devices may be located at main entrances, dining room entrances, corridors of the health services neighborhoods or in other areas of the communities. The device is a tablet, or a small electronic screen, mounted on a stand; the device is very easy to use. 

The LifeSpire of Virginia leadership team requests that as residents or visitors enter these areas equipped with the device, they stop before entering for a temperature check. Signage will be located near the device as a reminder to stop. 

This device measures skin-surface temperature with a high accuracy rate—up to plus or minus 0.9 degrees. Stand anywhere from one to six feet away from the screen to have a temperature check. Masks should be worn at all times during the temperature check. A reminder to wear a mask will sound if one is not detected. If a temperature reading is abnormal, an alert will sound. If an alert sounds, residents should return home. Visitors should return to the entrance of the building and notify a team member immediately. Visitors or residents who do not hear an alert may proceed to where they are headed. 

The use of this device does not take the place of the current screening process in place when individuals enter the communities; the device is intended to serve as an extra safeguard. In the future, the devices will be used for additional purposes. For example, the device may be able to screen individuals using a series of questions that can be answered by touching the screen or may be able to control the doors to prevent entry if a visitor does not pass the screening. Also, in the future, the device may be programmed to recognize the faces of residents, team members and visitors so that screening information can be saved.

Questions or concerns may be submitted to [email protected] or by contacting your community’s leadership team directly.