COVID-19 Baseline Testing Schedule

Thank you to LifeSpire residents, families and staff for adherence to the precautions and guidelines which have been put in place over the last several months. LifeSpire’s proactive approach to these precautions has proven thus far to be beneficial to all. As the LifeSpire team continues to be vigilant with our efforts to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we fully understand that wellness is defined not only by physical status but also psychosocial wellbeing. This is why we are working diligently with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to implement the testing plans and procedures which will enable us to move through the COVID phases, issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in an expedient manner.

The following provides a high-level understanding of the impact of each phase for residents, families and team members:

  • Phase 1 – Current State: visitation only in end of life circumstance and medical necessity
  • Phase 2 – Small group activities and limited communal dining will be put in place
  • Phase 3 – Indoor visitation will be permitted if appropriate precautions are taken (i.e. screening, facemasks, sanitize hands and social distancing)

The timing as to when each campus will enter each of these phases is based upon the timing and results of testing for COVID-19 which is required by VDH and CMS to enter phase two. This testing involves all residents and team members who either reside or work within healthcare, memory care or assisted living care levels. Everyone will be tested according to VDH requirements, twice over a seven to ten-day period. Each campus consults with a local health department in the respective region to determine actions needed as the testing process begins and is carried out.

To the greatest extent possible, the least invasive short swab test will be used. There will be a special team of employees assigned to carry out these procedures. If there are any positive test results, we will be required to trace the contacts of the infected individual and possibly quarantine residents who have had close contact with this individual. If a resident is infected, they will be placed on quarantine for fourteen days. If a team member is infected, they will be sent home to recover for this same duration.

Although we have taken all precautions and have a generous supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), it is possible that one or more of our campuses yield positive results. This outcome may place a strain on both staffing and PPE inventory. To ensure we mitigate these risks, we are staggering testing dates as follows:

  • The Glebe – Week of June 29
  • The Culpeper – Week of July 13
  • The Chesapeake – Week of July 23              
  • Lakewood – Week of August 4

Please keep in mind that these dates are subject to change based upon prospective receipt of more specific guidelines from VDH. In such cases, we will post alternative dates for this testing and the results related thereto in the COVID-19 section of each campuses’ website. As these dates draw near, please be looking for more detailed correspondence from your campuses’ clinical team. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the health care administrator or executive director of your community.