Chesapeake Family Gets Creative to Show Love

Rachel Wallis’s family is very close. Ever since she moved to the Chesapeake, lunches and have been a tradition. Seeing her children is something Rachel counts on which makes the recent visitor restrictions quite difficult for her and all residents. On March 13, the management team made the difficult decision to restrict visitors and guests except for end-of-life situations.

The time apart forced her family to get creative. On March 29, her daughters, Linda and Elizabeth, and son, James, traveled to the community where they were screened by Chesapeake team members for symptoms of COVID-19. Showing no signs of the virus, they made their way to the courtyard outside of Rachel’s home and set up a picnic lunch. She enjoyed her lunch on her balcony and the family enjoyed each other’s company from a social distance.

The family wanted to show their appreciation for the care being provided to their mom, all Chesapeake residents and do their part to encourage the community during this difficult time. Armed with chalk and grateful hearts, the family decorated the sidewalks around the campus in the hopes of uplifting spirits and with any luck eliciting some smiles from residents and team members.