LifeSpire of Virginia is committed to maintaining the privacy of all resident information and adheres to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Notice of Privacy Practices Summary

The privacy of our residents and prospective residents is very important to us. We have policies to treat personal information about our residents with the respect and in accordance with statutory requirements. We may disclose protected health information only for purposes of payment, treatment, and operation.

Federal Law guarantees protection of health information and we value the trust of residents. Our practices, employee training, retention of records and professional ethics are essential means of protecting residents’ health information.

Our Policy of Privacy Practices describes how we may use health information and residents’ rights to agree, disagree, restrict, access, and/or authorize special uses of this information. Some of our business relationships with outside providers require they respect our standards of privacy. Outside providers may provide residents with notices of their privacy practices when rendering service.

Upon request, residents will be given a copy of our Policy of Privacy Practices and any substantial amendments.

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Policy of Privacy Practices


1. How We Use and Protect Resident’s and Prospective Resident’s Personal Health Information

1.1 Protecting privacy is very important to us.

1.2 We value trust and want residents to understand what health information we collect, how we protect it and how we may use it.

1.3 We treat personal health information with respect and in accordance with this privacy policy.

1.4 Private health information is essential in meeting our goal to provide excellent health care for all residents.

1.5 Some of our business relationships with third party healthcare providers (physicians, laboratories, pharmacies, professional practitioners, associations, research organizations, third party payors and others) may restrict disclosure of this health information.

1.6 If a product or service is obtained through one of these relationships and we have agreed not to share personal health information, we will follow those privacy and data sharing restrictions.

2. Our Privacy Policy

2.1 We will provide residents our privacy policy on admission and ask for a signed acknowledgement of receipt.

2.2 We will provide residents our privacy policy annually.

2.3 Whenever we modify our privacy policy we will provide residents a revised notice.

2.4 We will maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect personal health information we obtain about our residents.

2.5 We will not disclose personal health information that can be used to identify a resident except in the purposes of payment, treatment and operations as necessary to provide excellent healthcare for that resident.

2.6 Residents may “opt out” or direct us not to disclose personal health information.

2.7 We will maintain agreements with business associates that establish a “chain of trust” to adhere to our privacy policies.

2.8 We will keep personal health information confidential.

2.9 We will not disclose health information to outside parties without authorization except as permitted by law and for the purposes of payment, treatment and operations.

2.10 We will comply with any additional state requirements that relate to the use of personal health information.

3. Information We May Collect

3.1 Personal, financial and health information from residents, healthcare providers, pharmacies, outside companies and governmental agencies.

3.2 Self assessment health profile from residents.

3.3 Hospitals, doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and other companies that maintain information about the past or present health condition.

3.4 Insurance company and other third party payors records and reports.

4. Information We May Disclose and to Whom We May Disclose Health Information

4.1 To provide residents with the appropriate health care, and as permitted by law we may, in due course and emergency situations, disclose personal and health information for purposes of payment, treatment and operations.

4.2 Disclosures to healthcare service providers

4.2.1 To physicians and therapists we may disclose orders, notes, test reports, medications, and advanced directives.

4.2.2 To laboratories we may disclose name, ICD 9 code, Insurance, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Physician.

4.2.3 To ambulance services we may disclose medication, diagnostic and advanced directives.

4.2.4 To hospitals we may disclose medications, advanced directives, and transfer forms containing insurance, social security, date of birth and physician.

4.2.5 To insurance providers we may disclose name, ICD 9 code, Insurance, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Physician. 4.3 Disclosures to healthcare research organizations

4.3.1 We may disclose de-identified health information for scientific research.

4.4 Disclosures to marketing firms

4.4.1 We do not disclose resident information to third party marketing firms.

4.4.2 We may seek authorization to participate in community brochures and marketing materials.

4.5 Third party payors

4.5.1 We may disclose health information to third party payors as required for payment.

4.6 Other disclosures required by law

5. Resident’s Rights to Notices, Information, Disclosures and Retention of Health Information

5.1 Residents may access records containing their medical and billing information used to make decisions regarding their care while they are a resident and for as long as the record sets are retained.

5.1.1 If a resident believes his records have not been protected or have been disclosed inappropriately, the resident may submit (in writing) to the Community’s Privacy Officer a description of the disclosure.

5.1.2 Residents may request access to or receive a marked copy of their records for audit purposes and to obtain an accounting of disclosures of protected health information.

5.1.3 Residents may amend protected health information as appropriate.

5.2 If access is denied, the resident may have the denial reviewed by a licensed health care professional who is designated by the Community to act as a reviewing official and who did not participate in the original decision to deny.

5.2.1 The Community must provide or deny access in accordance with the determination of the reviewing official.

5.2.2 If the Community denies the request, in whole or in part, it must provide the resident with a written denial.

5.2.3 Residents may file a written complaint with the US Office of Civil Rights within 180 days of when the complainant knew or should have known the disclosure occurred.

6. Changes in Privacy Policies

6.1 We reserve the right to modify or supplement our Privacy Policy at any time.

6.2 We will provide residents with a revised notice that describes material changes to our privacy practices within 60 days.

6.3 We will give residents a reasonable opportunity to “opt out,” where permitted, of the disclosure of information under the revised policy.

7. Our Security Procedures

7.1 We maintain procedures and technology designed to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

7.2 Access to personal health information is only made available to employees and other practitioners who have a health care relationship with residents and require the information for the purposes of their health.

7.3 We meet all applicable Federal and State standards regarding the security of electronic transmission of health information.

7.4 Employees who violate our Privacy Policies are subject to disciplinary action.

7.5 Business associates who violate our Privacy Policies are subject to termination of contract.

8. “Opting Out” Residents Selection Regarding Health Information Disclosure

8.1 Residents have the right to request restrictions on how their protected health information is used or disclosed to carry out treatment, payment or health care operations.

8.1.1 The Community is not required to agree to requested restrictions.

8.1.2 If the Community agrees to a requested restriction, the restriction is binding on the Community.

8.1.3 Residents have the right to revoke the consent in writing, except to the extent that the covered entity has taken action in reliance thereon.

8.2 Disclosures of protected health information for purposes other than payment, treatment and operations require a specific authorization by the resident that the information be de-identified prior to disclosure.

9. Residents May Notify Us by Contacting the Privacy Officer in the Administrative Office of the Community
10. Disclaimer

This privacy policy does not apply to resident relationship with other healthcare providers. Their privacy policies will govern how they collect, use and disclose health information that residents allow them to access.