LifeSpire Leadership Team Travels to The Summit

On August 4th and 5th members of the leadership team from LifeSpire travelled to The Summit to meet with The Summit’s team members. While there, the LifeSpire team had the opportunity to take part in the 18th anniversary celebration of The Summit and enjoy a fantastic display of fireworks. In attendance from the LifeSpire team were Jonathan Cook, Chris Markwith, Peter Robinson, Jodi Leonard, Lisa Legeer, Hannah Feely, Christine Moran, Deb Ledbetter, Robert Wilbanks, and Derek Meyer.

During meetings with Summit team members a number of items were covered including a projected timeline of events, history of LifeSpire, Core Values and Mission, expected closing date of the sale, how and when Summit team members will transition from Centra employment to LifeSpire employment, what internal processes and systems will have to change after closing, and a preview of the open enrollment process with LifeSpire.

 August 9th and 10th, individual 1-1 meetings with Summit team members and members of the LifeSpire team occurred. During these meetings the LifeSpire team (Jonathan, Lisa and Hannah) reviewed salary compensation specifics and answered questions unique to each team members’ unique circumstances. LifeSpire’s goal is to retain as many of The Summit’s team member as possible while taking job history and tenure into consideration.

The next meeting between LifeSpire and The Summit’s team members will occur on August 23rd at The Summit. During this meeting Hannah Feely and representatives from LifeSpire’s benefits administrator, Scott Insurance, will be going over the LifeSpire open enrollment process and help Summit team members begin the benefits enrollment process.

LifeSpire’s leadership remains excited to be welcoming The Summit and its employees to the LifeSpire family. The Summit’s unique culture and values make it a special community and that will not change after The Summit joins the LifeSpire family.