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Celebrating a legacy of benevolence with the VBH Foundation

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The VBH Foundation has provided more than $10 million in financial aid over the last decade to LifeSpire of Virginia residents who could no longer afford to pay for their care. Throughout the organization’s more than 70 year history, benevolence has been the heart of everything LifeSpire of Virginia does.

The Virginia Baptist Homes Foundation Influencer Award honors a champion at each community who causes a positive effect on the mission to enhance the lives of their friends and neighbors. Influencers embody the core values of LifeSpire of Virginia communities through their spirit, their engagement and their generosity.

Like a tree cannot grow without the influence of the sun, the VBH Foundation cannot grow without the support and generosity of its influencers and supporters. Together we are building vibrant places to live where faith, wellness and community flourish.

The 2024 Influencer Awards and Volunteer Appreciation Celebrations are brought to you by Featured Sponsor Colonial Webb/Comfort Systems USA!


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The Chesapeake: Tom Sayre

The Culpeper: Phyllis Turner

The Glebe: Anne Brugh

Lakewood: Linda Jones

The Summit: Hazel Harrison

Tom Sayre, The Chesapeake

The 2024 Influencer at The Chesapeake is Tom Sayre!  

Click here to read about Tom.

Phyllis Turner, The Culpeper

The 2024 Influencer at The Culpeper is Phyllis Turner!

Click here to read about Phyllis.

Anne Brugh, The Glebe

The 2024 Influencer at The Glebe is Anne Brugh!

Click here to read about Anne.

Linda Jones, Lakewood

The 2024 Influencer at Lakewood is Linda Jones!

Click here to read about Linda.

Hazel Harrison, The Summit

The 2024 Influencer at The Summit is Hazel Harrison!

Click here to read about Hazel.

Read the bios of the 2023 Influencers!

The Chesapeake: Rex Hogan

The Culpeper: Curtis Brooking

The Glebe: Bill Overstreet

Lakewood: Jim and Sally Barrett

The Summit: Bob Johnson

Read the bios of the 2022 Influencers!

The Chesapeake: Travers Mayhew

The Culpeper: Bob Houck

The Glebe: Charlotte Yeatts

Lakewood: Sally Wheat

The Summit: Virginia Marshburn