Resource Line: (844) 673-3573

Perhaps a member of your congregation or community has come to you with questions about long-term care, senior housing options, rehab, Medicare or Medicaid. Who can you turn to for answers?

A wealth of resources at your fingertips

LifeSpire of Virginia’s resource line is your single-source referral service, connecting you with a wealth of senior resources in the area. We can also answer your questions about long-term care housing options, rehab, Alzheimer’s, Medicare/Medicaid, and much more. We stand ready to answer your questions or direct you to someone who can.

Options for long-term care

Among the many questions you may be asked about retirement, chances are the topic of long-term care options is at the top of the list. Generally, long-term care is broken down into the following options:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Nursing care
  • Alzheimer’s care
  • In-home care
  • Rehab
  • Adult Day Care
  • Rental options

Contact us

Call (844) 673-3573 to get the answers you need for a member of your congregation, family member, or someone you know. With a wealth of resources now at your fingertips, our new resource line is one number that speaks volumes.