Just Keep Singing: Music And Dementia

By Ann Lovell

Bernice Thomas* sits down at the piano. Her hair is professionally styled, as always, and her pink blouse gives her skin a healthy glow. Her smile is infectious.

“What do you want me to play?” she asks.

“Play a hymn,” her daughter encourages. “Play ‘Jesus loves me.’”

Thomas thinks for a moment. She places her hands on the keyboard. The music begins to flow from deep within her soul. Effortlessly, she moves to the next hymn, “How Great Thou Art,” and over the course of the next 20 to 30 minutes, she plays a series of hymns, all without a hymnbook, all from memory.

Ironically, Thomas has Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia that results in progressive memory loss and decreased thinking ability. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION reports that dementia is a growing public health problem, affecting around 50 million people globally. Nearly 10 million new cases are reported every year.

Understanding the role that music can play in minimizing the effects of dementia can help families and caregivers seek out programs that enhance the quality of life of those they love, like Thomas, who are suffering from dementia, SCIENTISTS say.

Thomas might not remember that she had her hair styled this morning. In a few hours, she might not remember that she gave an impromptu concert in the community room of her retirement community. But at this moment, the hymns she learned in childhood flow from her fingers like water from a spring.


SCIENTISTS say this happens because the parts of the brain that process art and music are located near the places where memories are stored. Alzheimer’s doesn’t seem to affect those parts, according to studies.

The explanations may be deeper than neurological, writes John Swinton, author of “DEMENTIA: LIVING IN THE MEMORIES OF GOD.” Because of the spiritual and emotional attention that music enhances, the ability to remember and enjoy music when all other memories are lost indicates it is core to our identities — to the “eternal” sense of self that never leaves us. Theologians define that eternal sense of self as “the soul.”

Through memory and imagination, people are time travelers, and “music is a vehicle that we use as we travel through time,” Swinton writes. “Certain songs contain our memories. As soon as we hear them, we’re whisked backward in time to situations, events, and people that were deeply meaningful to us and that remind us of things we have done and people we have loved.”


Scientists have long known that music helps increase cognitive functions, including memory, speech, attention and verbal intelligence. A 2015 COMMENTARY  by Carmela Maltrone and Elvira Brattico, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism, notes that practicing music helps prevent the death of brain cells normally related to aging. Regular musical activities, like singing, also help reduce the risk of developing dementia in healthy older adults. Studies show when caregivers sing along, their quality of life improves as well.

“In a recent study, 10 weeks singing practice by both the patients and the caregivers positively affected not only the short-term and working memory of patients but even the quality of life of the caregivers,” Brattico and Maltrone write.

In other words, singing is good for the soul, regardless of age.


Music can also help pull a person out of the cognitive haze Alzheimer’s creates, even in advanced stages, Swinton writes.

“Songs, music, art, dance and ritual actually function as modes of extended memory — that is, places where memory is stored is external to its normal location in the brain,” Swinton writes. “They act as keys that can unlock emotions, feelings and recollections that would otherwise be inaccessible.”

Music therapy for both musicians and non-musicians is not a new concept, and many senior living communities incorporate music therapy into their regular programming for Alzheimer’s patients.

The memory care neighborhood where Thomas lives includes a piano that Thomas plays frequently. The community often invites musicians and singers to perform for memory care residents, and staff in the neighborhood often sing along or dance with residents during the performances.

“It’s amazing to watch residents sing along to songs from the 40s and 50s,” said one caregiver. “They remember every word.”

For more information on what LifeSpire of Virginia’s memory care neighborhoods can offer your loved ones, contact:

Rose Wallace, The Culpeper, 540-825-2411
Donna Buhrman, Lakewood, 804-740-2900
Liz Gee, The Chesapeake, 757-223-1600
Dreama Slone, The Glebe, 540-591-2100


*Name changed

Ann Lovell is Corporate Director of Communications for LifeSpire of Virginia, which manages four continuing care retirement communities and one continuing care at home, including The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville, The Chesapeake in Newport News and Lakewood and Lakewood at Home in Richmond.

Averett University And Lifespire of Virginia Sign Partnership Agreement

RICHMOND, Va. — Averett University and LifeSpire of Virginia launched the first-ever educational partnership for LifeSpire of Virginia in a ceremony June 7 at Lakewood, a LifeSpire of Virginia continuing care retirement community in Richmond’s west end.

Averett University President Tiffany Franks and LifeSpire of Virginia’s President and CEO Jonathan Cook signed an agreement that includes a three-pronged partnership between the school and LifeSpire of Virginia’s four continuing care retirement communities.

Dr. Tiffany Franks, President of Averett University, signs a partnership agreement with LifeSpire of Virginia, as LifeSpire of Virginia President and CEO Jonathan Cook looks on.

The partnership allows employees of LifeSpire of Virginia to earn their degree at Averett with scholarships awarded by Averett, LifeSpire of Virginia residents to attend college-level lectures right where they live and Averett students to serve as interns at LifeSpire of Virginia.

Cook praised the agreement as a step forward in positioning LifeSpire of Virginia communities as employers of choice across Virginia.

Marcello Ouhali (Left), a nurse in Lakewood’s skilled nursing facility, talks with Stacy Gato, Averett University’s vice president for enrollment management, about scholarship opportunities with Averett as LifeSpire of Virginia President and CEO Jonathan Cook looks on.

“We are excited to partner with Averett to offer these opportunities,” Cook said. “Averett prepares their students to make a difference in the world. LifeSpire of Virginia helps team members achieve their full potential and believes that providing educational opportunities is a key piece of that process.”

Franks agreed, “LifeSpire of Virginia and Averett University both value and encourage lifelong learning, a commitment to intellectual growth throughout one’s entire lifetime. We hope that LifeSpire of Virginia employees and its residents will be excited about the opportunity to become a part of the Averett University family.”

LifeSpire of Virginia President and CEO Jonathan Cook (Right) shakes hands with Dr. Tiffany Franks, Averett University President at the conclusion of the signing ceremony between the two organizations.

The partnership builds on the organizations’ shared mission and values as members of the Baptist General Association of Virginia. LifeSpire of Virginia employees automatically qualify for Averett scholarships once they meet admissions criteria. For each undergraduate course taken, Averett will award a $250 scholarship and a $350 scholarship for each graduate course taken.

In addition, Averett will offer residents of LifeSpire of Virginia communities the option of attending Averett University lectures and courses at home – right in their own community – beginning at Lakewood and expanding to LifeSpire of Virginia’s other communities in Culpeper, Daleville, and Newport News. The program will launch in the fall 2019 and LifeSpire of Virginia residents will be able to choose from classes in religion, communications and criminal justice/sociology.

Averett students will also benefit directly from this partnership, with opportunities to intern at LifeSpire of Virginia in the areas of business, communications and accounting.


About Averett University

Since 1859, Averett University has grown and developed into a dynamic institution that serves students of all ages, offering more than 30 undergraduate majors, minors and special programs, along with five graduate programs with a number of concentrations. Dedicated to preparing students to serve and lead as catalysts for positive change, the University’s historic main campus is embedded in the heart of Southern Virginia with regional campuses throughout Virginia and online. Averett enrolls a diverse student body, and boasts an alumni network that spans the globe.

About LifeSpire of Virginia

LifeSpire of Virginia operates four continuing care retirement communities and one continuing care at home program in Virginia: The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville, The Chesapeake in Newport News and Lakewood and Lakewood at Home in Richmond. For 70 years, LifeSpire of Virginia has provided compassionate, quality care to senior adults in a faith-based environment.

Contact: Danielle Staub (434) 791-5681
[email protected]

Contact: Ann Lovell (804) 521-9192
[email protected]

Lifespire of Virginia Welcomes Tiffany Flora As Corporate Controller

By Ann Lovell

Tiffany Flora

RICHMOND, Virginia—LifeSpire of Virginia recently named Tiffany Flora as the organization’s Corporate Controller. In this role, Flora leads LifeSpire of Virginia’s accounting team and is responsible for all aspects of accounting information, production, compliance and management pertaining to LifeSpire of Virginia and its affiliates. In addition, she monitors and manages the company’s cash position and its nonprofit Foundation’s business affairs and serves as a valued accounting and financial consultant to LifeSpire of Virginia’s senior leadership and communities.

“We are pleased to welcome Tiffany to this position. We appreciate the depth of healthcare and nonprofit management experience she brings to the organization,” said Chris Markwith, LifeSpire of Virginia’s recently appointed Chief Financial Officer. Markwith succeeds Joe Kelley, who is retiring.

Flora has more than 20 years’ experience in progressive leadership roles in accounting and finance with a concentration in healthcare and nonprofit organizations, including Aetna Medicaid, Kissito Healthcare and Interim Healthcare. Flora also previously worked as controller for The Forest at Duke, a continuing care retirement community in Durham, North Carolina.

Flora holds a bachelor’s of business administration from James Madison University. She lives in the Richmond area.


Ann Lovell is Corporate Director of Communications for LifeSpire of Virginia. For more information, email [email protected] or call (804) 521-9192.

LifeSpire of Virginia operates four continuing care retirement communities in Virginia: The Chesapeake in Newport News, The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville and Lakewood in Richmond along with Lakewood at Home, a continuing care without walls membership program in the greater Richmond area.  

Now Hiring: Corporate Director Of Construction Management

LifeSpire of Virginia is seeking a Corporate Director of Construction Management to lead and manage the construction and renovation projects of our organization. The Corporate Director of Construction Management directly supervises all major construction and renovation projects and works closely with the CEO, CFO and Executive Directors at each community. This person will be responsible for ensuring the contracted construction is well-planned and delivered on time and on budget. This person will manage the architectural relationship for the organization as well as all contractors.

LifeSpire of Virginia is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization located in Richmond, Virginia. It is the parent company of four continuing care retirement communities within the state of Virginia. Our communities are THE CULPEPERTHE CHESAPEAKETHE GLEBE, and LAKEWOOD.

Key qualifications and personal characteristics for this position include:


  1. Bachelor’s degree in engineering or facility management
  2. Superior communicator
  3. 10+ years construction experience
  4. Proven leadership skills
  5. Project management experience
  6. Budget management experience
  7. Ability to oversee A1A contracts
  8. Ability to delegate and operate strategically


The ideal candidate will be a competent, compassionate, and committed professional who is willing to enter into a long-term commitment of service to the organization and to do so within a team-oriented, collaborative, servant-leadership environment. The candidate will be a person of high integrity and ethical standards and have a personal reputation that will reflect well on the organization. Of equal importance will be a high standard of care and concern for current and future residents. The candidate will evidence a commitment to establishing community collaborations. As a relationship-oriented person, the candidate will be an excellent communicator and will maintain a visible presence among staff, residents, and clients.

This job offers a competitive base salary, a company vehicle and an excellent benefits package. This position will be on the road traveling to communities 50 percent of the time.  The full-time benefits package includes options for health, dental, and life insurance, retirement plan, generous paid time off, and relocation assistance. EOE.

Qualified applicants may apply by emailing a resume to: [email protected] 

Lakewood At Home Offers New Choice For Seniors In The Richmond, Virginia, Area

RICHMOND, Virginia—Today it’s called creative disruption. In the 90s it would have been known as a paradigm shift. Whatever terminology you use, Lakewood at Home is changing the landscape of senior living in the Richmond area.

Hilton and Margaret Almond are charter members of Lakewood at Home. They have lived in their comfortable west end home in Richmond for 46 years, and they want to stay in their home as they age.

Hilton and Margaret Almond read a letter from a friend at their home in Richmond’s west end, where they have lived for 46 years.

“It’s the only house we’ve owned,” Hilton Almond says. “We’ve raised our children here. We have nothing but fond memories of our home.”

Neither Hilton nor Margaret particularly wanted to move to a retirement community, although both recognized the potential need for continuing care as they age and both wanted to find a way to protect their assets against unanticipated long-term care expenses. The couple found what they were seeking in Lakewood at Home, a recently launched senior living initiative by LifeSpire of Virginia.


Lakewood at Home is a membership program for active, healthy adults living at home in the Richmond area, explains Tammy Mackey, the program’s executive director. Affiliated with Lakewood, a LifeSpire of Virginia continuing care retirement community in Richmond’s west end, Lakewood at Home allows seniors to remain in their homes as long as medically feasible. With a one-time membership fee and reasonable monthly fees, Lakewood at Home also offers the financial protection of long-term care insurance.

“Many people have heard about Lakewood and know that it is a continuing care retirement community,” Mackey says. “Instead of moving to a community from their home to receive care, people can stay in their homes, and we bring that level of care to them as they need it. Plus, as a member of this program, seniors never have to worry about being hit with catastrophic nursing home or home health care bills if they need to move to a higher level of care.”

The foundation of Lakewood at Home is care coordination with a focus on health and wellness, Mackey explains. Membership in Lakewood at Home offers activities that encourage and enable wellness. These activities begin when a person joins and continue throughout the life of the member.

“Lakewood at Home’s care coordinator facilitates any care needs a member may have as they age, including home care, rehabilitation, assisted living or skilled nursing care,” Mackey says. “If and when a person needs additional levels of care, we help them transition to a partnering community like Lakewood at no additional cost.”


Although new to the Richmond area, the concept of CONTINUING CARE AT HOME (CCaH), or continuing care without walls, first developed in the 1980s. Friends LifeCare, a senior care provider in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, established the first CCaH program in the U.S. in 1987. Since then, enrollment in that program has increased to more than 2,500 people, and more than 30 similar models are now available throughout the country.

LifeSpire of Virginia, the company that manages Lakewood, Lakewood at Home, and three other continuing care retirement communities across the state, is the first to bring the CCaH concept to the Richmond area. Alexandria, Virginia-based Goodwin House launched its Goodwin House at Home model in June 2014.

Jonathan Cook, president and CEO of LifeSpire of Virginia, says it all comes down to offering choices to seniors.

“We want to provide seniors choices in how and where they age,” Cook says. “As we strive to provide resident-centered care, we believe the CCAH MODEL IS A GREAT LONG-TERM PLAN for healthy active seniors living in their homes.”

Hilton and Margaret Almond celebrate signing their contract with Lakewood at Home. “We just felt like it was a perfect fit for us,” Margaret Almond said.

Margaret Almond agrees. “We just felt like it was a perfect fit for us, and we are a perfect fit for it,” she says.

Lakewood at Home launched in February 2019. The program anticipated signing 12 members in the first year. In the first three months, 20 people have joined the program.

“Given these early indicators of interest, we are considering expanding the program,” Mackey says. “We are excited about the interest that has been shown so far.”


The CCaH concept also helps address the challenges associated with the coming “age wave.” The U.S. Census Bureau PREDICTS in its 2017 National Population Projections that all baby boomers will be older than age 65 by 2030, and 1 in 5 Americans will be retirement age. Older people are expected to outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history.

Given that 87 percent of senior adults, 65 and older, want to STAY IN THEIR HOMES as they age, the need for long-term care — and long-term care financing — will be greater than ever. And, the potential for caregiver stress is particularly significant, especially if the caregiver is a friend or family member.

Lakewood at Home offers the financial protection of long-term care insurance while also removing the stress caregivers often face associated with coordinating, arranging and paying for custodial care of their loved ones.

“The beauty of continuing care without walls is that we aren’t bound by bricks and mortar,” Cook says. “We have the flexibility to expand the program as needed based on interest and demand.”

To learn more, visit the Lakewood at Home website at LAKEWOODATHOME.ORG or call (833) 431-5639. View a Lakewood at Home PROMOTIONAL VIDEO on LifeSpire of Virginia’s YouTube channel.

Growth Opportunity: Associate Administrator (AIT)

LifeSpire of Virginia, a multi-campus premier provider of senior living services throughout Virginia, is seeking a dynamic, energetic individual who desires to grow professionally with us by becoming a leader in the senior living industry.

Through our leadership development program, you will grow as both a leader and professional, becoming a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator within 12 months of joining our program. You will be mentored by one of our licensed Administrators at one of our continuing care retirement communities as part of an AIT (Administrator in Training) program, learning in all areas of our business.

We have opportunities for two individuals in this exciting program, one at THE CHESAPEAKE, our beautiful senior living community located in the Hampton Roads area, and the second at our LAKEWOOD campus which is situated in Richmond’s beautiful and growing far west end.

Once you have completed the program and successfully obtained NHA licensure, we will introduce you to other available leadership opportunities within LifeSpire of Virginia. A four-year undergraduate degree is required. A major in finance, business, gerontology, or hospital/healthcare administration is preferred. Relocation assistance is available, and salary will be commensurate with experience, although no specific work experience is required.

If you are driven to professional excellence through servant leadership, value the gift of rewarding relationships fostered through teamwork, have a desire to support families through transitions and help seniors rediscover joy in their retirement years, this is an exciting opportunity is for you.

This job offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package. The full-time benefits package includes options for health, dental, and life insurance, retirement plan, and generous paid time off.  EOE.

Qualified applicants may apply by sending a resume to: [email protected].

Now Hiring: Corporate Controller

April 16, 2019

The LifeSpire of Virginia home office is currently recruiting for a full-time Corporate Controller to help lead the home office accounting team. This important financial management position reports to the Chief Financial Officer, and is responsible for all aspects of accounting information, production, compliance, and management pertaining to LifeSpire of Virginia and its affiliates.  In addition, this position monitors and manages the companies’ cash position and our non-profit Foundation’s business affairs and is a valued accounting and financial consultant and resource to LifeSpire of Virginia’s senior leadership and communities.  In performing these responsibilities, this position leads and manages an accounting team of seven FTEs.


  • Accounting degree required; CPA preferred.
  • Must have at least 7 years’ relevant experience, including as controller or with accounting management experience, preferably in a decentralized operating environment.
  • Experience in healthcare, senior living, and/or not-for-profit is preferred
  • Must have proficiency in Microsoft Office and at least one accounting software application.
  • Excellent interpersonal and professional oral/written communication skills are required. Project management experience is a plus.
  • Must be a team-oriented and self-motivated leader.  Management experience preferred.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to apply sound accounting and business principles and organize and manage multiple deliverables, deadlines and priorities in a fluid environment.


  • Effectively and efficiently manage the following centralized major functional areas:
  • General Ledger & Financial Reporting
  • Bank reconciliations & cash monitoring/management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable & Third Party Billing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll
  • Tax and Third Party Reporting
  • Produce i) monthly income statements and balance sheets for all affiliated not-for-profit corporations, ii) quarterly and annual consolidated GAAP Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Cash Position, and annual footnote disclosures.
  • Establish and maintain effective working and advisory relationships with community Executive Directors, department heads and administrative staff, consistent with providing efficient and mutually effective support.
  • Establish and manage internal controls within LifeSpire of Virginia.  Produce, implement and maintain accounting-related policies and procedures, consistent with GAAP, GAAS, governance directives, and good stewardship, to support safeguarding of assets, accurate/timely financial reporting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Manage & coordinate i) LifeSpire of Virginia’s annual independent audit and production of audited financial statements, and ii) other/regulatory external audits, as necessary.
  • Maintain not-for-profit and Foundation accounting and reporting, including donor accounting and management of restricted & unrestricted donations.
  • Assist in the preparation of annual discloser statements and quarterly EMMA filings.
  • Manage the relationship with LifeSpire of Virginia’s actuarial consultants, and the calculation/recording of Future Service Obligations; including the use of actuarial software (LifeCalc) & the accounting for and amortization of deferred entrance fees.
  • Maintain all companies’ charts of accounts (utilizing Matrix Care integrated software) and their interface with our reports library (utilizing F9 report writer).
  • Mange the accounting and reporting pertaining to LifeSpire of Virginia’s diverse investment portfolio, including alternative investments.
  • Manage retirement plan accounting and compliance, including annual non-discrimination testing.
  • Ensure appropriate accounting for various types of existing and potential CCRC contract arrangements.
  • Manage and coordinate multiple bank accounts and processes, including electronic transfers; maintain bank accounts/relationships as needed.
  • Review and approve invoices prior to release of A/P disbursements.
  • Assist in the review and preparation of the annual 990 tax returns.
  • Manage LifeSpire of Virginia’s record retention policy and process.
  • Develop, maintain and manage accounting-related policies and procedures pertaining to areas of responsibility.

This job offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package. The full-time benefits package includes options for health, dental, and life insurance, retirement plan, and generous paid time off.  EOE.

Qualified applicants may apply by sending a resume to: [email protected]

Markwith Named Chief Financial Officer

By Ann Lovell

RICHMOND, Virginia—LifeSpire of Virginia, which manages four continuing care retirement communities throughout Virginia and Lakewood at Home, a membership-based program for seniors in Richmond, is pleased to announce that Chris Markwith has been selected as the organization’s Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Markwith will be responsible for directing overall financial operations for LifeSpire of Virginia, its communities, foundation offices and Lakewood at Home. For the past year, Markwith served as the organization’s controller. His expected transition date to the CFO role is June 1, 2019.

Markwith succeeds Joe Kelley who will retire in October 2019 after more than 10 years of service with LifeSpire of Virginia, spanning a career of more than 40 years.

“Our search for a CFO brought in candidates from all over the country,” said Jonathan Cook, LifeSpire of Virginia’s President and CEO. “Chris came to us a little over a year ago with prior experience as a CFO but little experience in senior living. Over the past year, Chris has proven that he has the skills, abilities and commitment to our mission that will continue to move the organization forward. I am confident he will be a great asset to our organization in this new role.”

Markwith has more than 25 years’ experience in progressive leadership roles in auditing, finance and operations for a number of organizations including the Commonwealth of Virginia, Signet Banking Corporation (now Wells Fargo), MCV Physicians, ChildFund International, Patient Services, Inc., and Health Savings Adminstrators, LLC.

Markwith, a certified public accountant, is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also earned a master’s degree in business administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He and his wife, Ann, have two children, Kayla and Wyatt. The family resides in Powhatan.

Ann Lovell is Corporate Director of Communications for LifeSpire of Virginia, formerly Virginia Baptist Homes. For more information, email[email protected] or call (804) 521-9192.

LifeSpire of Virginia operates four continuing care retirement communities in Virginia: The Chesapeake in Newport News, The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville and Lakewood in Richmond along with Lakewood at Home, a home-based membership program for seniors in Richmond.

Now Hiring: Staff Accountant

LifeSpire of Virginia is currently recruiting for a full-time staff accountant to support its home office accounting team. This position is responsible for assisting the corporate controller and chief financial officer in maintaining accounting/financial information and systems required for the timely production of accurate financial statements and other financial reports. This position also supports LifeSpire of Virginia communities’ monthly billing and revenue recognition processes.

About LifeSpire of Virginia:
LifeSpire of Virginia is a faith-based, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that manages four continuing care retirement communities across Virginia and one continuing care without walls in the greater Richmond area. Our vision is vibrant living where faith, wellness, and community flourish. Our mission is empowering individuals with choices in purposeful living. Our values are faith, servant-leadership, stewardship, integrity, peace of mind, innovation and joy.


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a relevant field
  • At least two years’ broad-based accounting experience, preferably in a decentralized health care or a senior living environment
  • Prior experience with regulatory reporting and/or working with auditors
  • Prior experience working with computerized accounts receivable and accounting systems system
  • Ability to operate independently with minimal direction to accomplish objectives; applying sound accounting and business principles
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple deliverables, deadlines, and priorities
  • Ability to analyze and resolve problems exercising initiative and flexibility
  • Ability to utilize teamwork, exercising professionalism and strong interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and at least one accounting software application
  • Ability to travel in-state occasionally

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Review and ensure proper contract coding and accounting in AOD, Lifecalc, Entrance Fee listings, and Resident Fee Listings
  • Support monthly community accounts receivable close, resident statement accuracy and production, and accurate resident care revenue generation
  • Support annual residents’ rate change process
  • Support annual financial audit, resident income tax deduction calculations and other reporting requirements
  • Support accounting and reporting for deferred entrance fees, notes receivable and benevolence/Foundation matters
  • Support and assist with business office training, development and turnover, when necessary
  • Assist with development and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures
  • Support reorganization/migration of corporate accounting & finance processes by assuming other duties as assigned and assigned backup roles

This job offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package. The full-time benefits package includes options for health, dental, and life insurance, retirement plan, and generous paid time off. EOE.

Qualified applicants may apply by sending a resume to: [email protected]

Leonard Named Director Of Development

RICHMOND, Virginia — LifeSpire of Virginia is pleased to announce that Jodi Leonard has been named Director of Development for the VBH Foundation, LifeSpire of Virginia’s benevolent arm, effective, January 1, 2019. In her new role, Leonard will lead the annual planning, relationship building, and fundraising administration, which includes the annual golf tournament.

Leonard joined the VBH Foundation in November 2015 as Annual Fund Manager where she quickly became a trusted member of the team, said Patricia Morris, Vice President of the VBH Foundation.  Residents and community staff welcomed her and have consistently praised both her genuine personality and her effectiveness.

“Jodi is creative, fearless, sensible, and compassionate in her approach to fundraising, and she loves working with seniors,” Morris said.

Prior to joining LifeSpire of Virginia, Leonard served nonprofit fundraising as director of development for Safe Harbor in Henrico, Virginia; as database and special events coordinator for Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, New York; and as database systems coordinator at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York. She has a degree in Business Administration and a certification in fundraising from University of Richmond’s Institute on Philanthropy. She also completed a Leadership Intensive Training for New and Emerging Directors from the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Leonard currently serves on the finance and gala committees for Action Alliance.

For more information, contact Ann Lovell, Corporate Director of Communications, at (804) 521-9192 or [email protected].

LifeSpire of Virginia manages four continuing care retirement communities across Virginia, including The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville, The Chesapeake in Newport News, and Lakewood in Richmond. The VBH Foundation is LifeSpire of Virginia’s benevolent arm, which raises funds to help LifeSpire of Virginia seniors stay in their homes when they outlive their financial resources.