LifeSpire’s mission success — providing 5-star hospitality, quality, and care to each resident in our communities — is only as strong as the success of our employees and staff. For that reason, we are initiating a number of new initiatives in 2017 designed to enhance our employees’ lives, both professionally and personally.

First, I am pleased that the VBH Foundation will soon begin offering employee scholarships and tuition reimbursement to employees who want to further their educational goals. A well-trained, well-educated, and highly motivated staff is also essential to providing our residents with exceptional care. More details on the implementation of this program will follow soon.

Second, we received approval from our board of trustees to increase our matching of 403B employer contributions from 2.0 to 2.5 percent. Helping our employees plan and prepare for retirement is — and always has been — a core LifeSpire value. If you have questions on increasing your 403B, please contact the HR Director at your community.

Finally, we are developing a plan to address issues raised in the 2016 employee satisfaction survey. We want our employees to know that their satisfaction and well-being are important to us as we strive to become “the employer of choice.”