The LifeSpire of Virginia Way

Each LifeSpire of Virginia community has its mission to provide Dignity in Living™ and operates on a single value system:

  • To strive for excellence in governance through a volunteer board committed to our mission
  • To strive for effective management that is mission driven and resident-focused
  • To provide a quality workplace which optimizes the abilities of staff in providing services and care for the residents
  • To provide a quality workplace which values training of staff in providing services and care for the residents
  • To adopt and follow financial policies and business practices which promote confidence in management
  • To develop a high standard of design and maintenance for housing which optimizes stewardship of resources
  • To operate Licensed Nursing Facilities
  • To welcome persons of diverse background, experience, religion, race, and ethnicity to live and work in our communities
  • To value each resident as a child of God created in God’s image, regardless of age, physical condition, or mental capacity
  • To provide opportunities for worship, spiritual expression, and development
  • To provide a continuum of care that promotes independence with appropriate assistance in quality environments
  • To promote wellness through programs of physical exercise, nutrition, education, and creative expression
  • To foster relationships with the local congregations which provide opportunities for Christian service and spiritual growth
  • To be socially accountable by providing services to the larger community
  • To engage the social and political establishment in promoting ethical and fair treatment for aging persons
  • To maintain our Christian heritage and our association with the Baptist General Association of Virginia