Life in Abundance

Abundant living describes a life filled with contentment that goes beyond physical and material well-being. It emerges from the strength of mind, body, and spirit and a lifetime of effort to prosper. At LifeSpire of Virginia we offer all you will need for a truly abundant life:

  • Sense of Place
    While the residents have arrived from many locations, all of them have chosen to live here and make this their home. They have established roots and relationships that will last. The options of apartment and cottage accommodations are designed to meet every expectation. The scenery/surroundings will give you a feeling of openness and intimacy.
  • Sense of Growth
    Residents of LifeSpire are continually offered experiences that help them grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually. Residents benefit from Life Long Learning lectures, robust wellness programming, and opportunities to worship, reflect, and grow spiritually. Together these experiences form a sense of growth that is key to the Abundant Life.
  • Sense of Security
    The comfort of knowing your life and care needs will be met is a hallmark of life in the LifeSpire communities. As a resident you can rest assured that should you ever need hands-on care you will receive individualized attention and the care will be delivered by thoughtful and loving staff. Our services in Assisted Living, Health Care, Therapy and Memory Care are ready to provide specialized care and attention as your needs change.
  • Sense of Joy
    Enjoyment is an essential element of abundant life. It comes in a variety of ways and at LifeSpire you will find many options on a daily basis. Whether it is dining with friends, enjoying one of the many galas that are held throughout the year, or enjoying the pleasures of a good book in our library, there will be something for you.
  • Sense of Purpose
    Scientific studies support the concept that following a sense of purpose can add years to your life, no matter what your age. At LifeSpire we actively engage in outreach and service initiatives that improve the lives of others. As a result, our residents receive a lasting benefit.
  • Sense of Community
    Membership and connectedness are the foundational elements of community. At LifeSpire communities both of those are contained in nearly all we do. From the beginning of our story, the founders and all of our staff have been focused on treating residents as members of their own family. Residents also find many other ways to build community and connect with each other, including many resident-led efforts to build community from within.