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‘We are family’ says The Chesapeake’s Dining Room Manager


By Ann Lovell

George Moore HiRes CroppedNEWPORT NEWS, Virginia—George Moore believes in putting others first. As the dining room manager at The Chesapeake, Moore understands that the quality of the food and the attitude of the dining room staff give seasoned, new, and prospective residents a sense of The Chesapeake’s unique hospitality.

“From the time they walk in the door, I want them to feel they can be happy and safe here,’” says Moore, who has worked at The Chesapeake for 15 years. “I especially want new and prospective residents to see our community as a place where they want to spend the rest of their lives.”

Moore has a long history of experience in food service, including several well-known Fortune 500 restaurants. Prior to joining the staff of The Chesapeake, Moore was the dining room manager at Lakewood, a LifeSpire community in Richmond. He enjoys preparing and serving delicious, nutritious meals that promote overall wellness, and he believes The Chesapeake’s dining room staff is central to the community’s success.

“We have great, dedicated employees,” Moore says. “Our first priority is service, and our goal is to do the job the right way.”

Moore’s customer service is exemplary, says Tammy Slowikowski, The Chesapeake’s director of dining and hospitality services.

“George and his staff touch each resident every day with food and hospitality,” Slowikowski says. “Here, they don’t come and go” like they would in a traditional restaurant. “This is their home. George understands that.”

The feeling of family is important to Moore, and he trains his staff to see the residents as family as well.

“I tell our younger employees that our residents are like their grandmothers and grandfathers,” Moore says. “We will treat them with the utmost respect because they are part of our family.”