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Lakewood now provides short-term rehabilitative care

By Ann Lovell

lakewoodRICHMOND, Virginia—Lakewood, a LifeSpire of Virginia continuing care retirement community, is now accepting direct admissions from outside referral sources into its skilled nursing facility. Based on recent approval from the Virginia State Health Commissioner, Lakewood will offer short-term rehabilitative care and other nursing services.

“This allows us to expand our 37-year tradition of providing exceptional health care in a faith-based, family environment to the greater Richmond community,” said Jeff McInnis, executive director of Lakewood.

Lakewood has earned a 5-star rating through Nursing Home Compare. Calculated by, Nursing Home Compare contains quality of care and staffing information for the more than 15,000 Medicare- and Medicaid-participating nursing homes across the U.S. The system rates each nursing home on health inspections, staffing and quality measures, then combines those three ratings to calculate an overall rating, with one being lowest and five highest.

Lakewood offers a number of services and amenities that make it appealing to people recovering from accidents or illness, McInnis said. Nestled on 128 acres in Richmond’s West End, the quiet community boasts a low CNA and nurse turnover rate, promoting continuity of care and demonstrating the staff’s commitment to rehabilitative success.

“Direct admit clients will work with experienced therapists who will help them reach their rehabilitation goals quickly,” McInnis said. “Our fully-equipped therapy gym with ADL kitchen helps clients best simulate the tasks they will need to do when they return home.”

Like Lakewood residents, direct admit clients also enjoy meals prepared by a trained chef and offered in restaurant-style dining rooms. They may order directly from the menu and have access to the services of a registered dietitian. At the end of a stay in Lakewood’s skilled nursing facility, direct admit clients may transition to assisted living or independent living levels of care if they are functionally and financially approved.

For more information, contact Felicity Wood, Administrator of Health Services, (804) 521-9151,


Ann Lovell is Corporate Director of Communications for LifeSpire of Virginia, formerly Virginia Baptist Homes. For more information, email or call (804) 521-9192.

LifeSpire of Virginia operates four continuing care retirement communities in Virginia: The Chesapeake in Newport News, The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville and Lakewood in Richmond.


Addressing long-term care issues: the benefits of Life Care

By Ann Lovell

Grandpa Gets a Kiss

RICHMOND, Virginia—Long-term care: It’s a topic most Americans know they should talk about but might rather not. Questions such as: “Who will take care of me?” “What level of health care can I afford?” and “Who will take care of my spouse?” are issues that should be addressed well before significant health concerns arise.

These discussions become even more essential as the U.S. population ages. According to a 2014 report from the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one in five U.S. residents is expected to be 65 or older by 2030. The Wall Street Journal reported in a May 1, 2015, article that more than two-thirds of individuals age 65 and older will require some type of long-term care. Yet, while a 2013 national survey found that 90 percent of Americans believed it was important to have end-of-life care discussions with their families, less than 30 percent had actually done so.

It’s time to have the discussion — and a good place to start is by understanding Life Care.

In its simplest terms, Life Care means residency in an apartment or cottage along with comprehensive health care services and amenities. Most Life Care communities — and all LifeSpire of Virginia communities —provide independent living, assisted living and full-time nursing care in one location. As a result, residents have the security of knowing that short- and/or long-term health care needs will be met on-site with no substantial increases in cost. Often referred to as an “all-inclusive plan,” Life Care acts as a safety net against the future high costs of long-term care.

Phases of Life Care

  • Independent Living: Life Care begins with independent living, emphasizing wellness and encouraging residents to maintain good health for an active and independent lifestyle. In LifeSpire communities, this means a spacious cottage or apartment with a wide array of on-site amenities including a health clinic, physical therapy, fitness center, regular health checks and other activities and programs. However, Life Care goes beyond independent living. In LifeSpire communities, residents also have access to assisted living and nursing care around the clock. As a result, residents are never far from their spouse or friends while they receive the additional services they need.
  • Assisted Living: Assisted living is an “in-between” residential service for those who are independent but need some assistance with the activities of daily living. In LifeSpire communities, residents receive personal care support and services such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation.
  • Nursing Care: In many cases, nursing care is required only briefly, such as after a hospital stay. In those cases, the emphasis is on helping residents rehabilitate and recuperate as quickly as possible so they can return to their apartment or cottage. In other cases, a condition might be chronic or progressive, requiring a longer stay in the Health Services Center.

The benefits of Life Care

  • Steady long-term care costs: No matter how long a stay is required in assisted living or nursing care, Life Care provides residents the services they need on-site for as long as necessary. Beyond the regular monthly fees paid for an apartment or cottage residence, the only additional costs for assisted living and/or nursing care cover two additional daily meals and ancillary charges, such as medical supplies and pharmacy. This arrangement helps protect a resident’s estate by keeping health care costs steady even as health needs increase.
  • Tax benefits: The Internal Revenue Service considers a portion of the entrance fee paid the year a resident moves in and monthly fees paid each year of residency as “pre-paid medical expenses.” As such, a resident may add part of those fees as itemized health care costs for possible income tax deductions. The portion of the fees used in this manner varies by community and from year to year. Contact a tax adviser for more information.
  • Affordability: The Wall Street Journal reported in 2015 that the median annual cost for a private nursing home is $91,250, and 24-hour care can reach $170,000, according to a study from Genworth Financial. Life Care in a LifeSpire community is much more affordable. For example, the industry average in Virginia for one year of nursing home care for a single person is a little more than $100,000. Factoring in the additional cost of home maintenance, home health care may reach as much as $200,000. However, with a Life Care contract in a LifeSpire community, a resident’s monthly fee of approximately $50,000 does not increase as additional nursing care is required.
  • Quality of Life: According to a 1997 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, people who live in continuing care retirement communities generally live longer than those who stay in their homes. CCRCs also reduce the risk of disease and disability and improve the health of their residents. By combining a variety of services that affect overall wellness of residents, including activities and sports facilities, LifeSpire CCRCs encourage seniors to take responsibility for maintaining their personal health.

Life Care allows seniors in LifeSpire communities to take control of their future and proactively choose where and with whom they will live while receiving the care they may need. This provides peace of mind and the opportunity to spare loved ones from the stress of making a difficult decision in a time of crisis.

By selecting a Life Care community with a reputation for exceptional care — like one of the four LifeSpire communities — residents can be certain that if care is needed the best will be available.

Call or email us to schedule a tour of one of our four LifeSpire communities:

Ann Lovell is Corporate Director of Communications for LifeSpire of Virginia, an equal housing opportunity provider. Contact her at or at (804)521-9192.




RICHMOND, Virginia—Virginia Baptist Homes is now LifeSpire of Virginia.

Established in 1945, Virginia Baptist Homes currently operates four distinct retirement communities across the state of Virginia. “We recently took stock of the fact that while our organization had continued to grow and evolve throughout the 70-plus years of our tenure, our name had remained virtually unchanged,” said President and CEO Jonathan Cook. “We decided that was worth investigating.”

Following months of research that included in-depth market analysis, surveys and focus groups with both current and future residents, and detailed input from board and executive team members, the company chose the name LifeSpire of Virginia. “We chose LifeSpire because it both honors our past and, at the same time, more accurately reflects who we are today and where we are headed in the future,” Cook said, stressing that the name change does not involve a change in ownership, staffing or corporate structure. Only the name has changed.

Virginia Baptist Homes has a long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence. LifeSpire will continue to build on this commitment, bringing new and expanded wellness programs, enhanced dining components, increased opportunities for holistic wellness, and continued advocacy in the broader social and political community on behalf of all seniors.

What began as a community for Virginia Baptists has grown to become a vibrant mix of people of all faiths, beliefs, traditions and ethnicities. “LifeSpire is both a promise to remain rooted in our Christian principles and values, and a challenge to continue to reach ever higher in order to better meet the needs and expectations of future generations,” Cook said.

Peter Robinson
Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations
LifeSpire of Virginia

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Lifespire AnnRICHMOND, Va.—Virginia Baptist Homes (VBH) is pleased to welcome Ann Lovell as Corporate Director of Communications. Ann is succeeding Monica Hillery who retired Feb. 5 after 43 years of service. Ann comes to VBH from the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) where she served 13 years as a missionary in media roles in the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand and four years on staff as a writer and editor in IMB’s communication center in Richmond.  As a missionary, Ann led Bible studies with local and international women in the Philippines and South Korea. In Thailand, she founded a ministry to exploited women and children, which focuses on sharing the gospel in the red-light districts of northern Thailand.

Ann’s prior experience also includes 11 years of Federal government service with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Knoxville, Tennessee. While at DOE, Ann wrote speeches, developed presentations and crafted legislative language for senior officials to present to local stakeholders, state and Congressional representatives and the White House.

Ann and her husband, Joe, have two daughters. Lauren is a senior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Alli is a freshman in Tucker High School’s Advanced College Academy in Richmond.

Ann may be contacted by email at or by phone at (804) 521-9192.

Please welcome Ann to the VBH family!

Peter Robinson
Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations
Virginia Baptist Homes
Corporate Headquarters:
1900 Lauderdale Drive, Richmond, VA 23238
Telephone: (804) 521-9276

New Staff Members Joined the LifeSpire Corporate Staff in 2015


Mick L. Feauto Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Mick L. Feauto
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

VBH welcomed a new staff member to the corporate staff this year – Mick L. Feauto. Mick brings to VBH a strong professional background and experience in working with senior living services.

Mick Feauto joined the staff as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Feauto has 34 years of senior industry experience as a nursing home administrator, Executive Director, Regional VP of Operations and Senior Regional VP of Operations. During the last ten years, he has served in regional roles with Life Care Services with oversight of 28 CCRCs. In addition, to the strong operational background, Mr. Feauto also has a broad range of experience with CCRC insurance captives, tax-exempt financing, direct placement loans, greenfield and campus redevelopments, marketing systems and fundraising. He is a graduate of Simpson College in Indianola, IA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting.