LifeSpire announces new mission, vision and values

By Ann Lovell

RICHMOND, Virginia—LifeSpire of Virginia, a senior housing provider based in Richmond, Virginia, released new mission, vision and values statements that will serve as a guide for the present and future of the organization. They are principles for every LifeSpire employee to embody and strive to achieve each and every day.

“Our mission, vision and values define who we are as a company and set the tone and direction for every initiative we undertake,” said Jonathan Cook, LifeSpire president and CEO. “From resident-centered care to a focus on dining, hospitality and wellness our company vision is at the heart of who we are and what we do.”

LifeSpire’s mission is empowering individuals with choices in purposeful living. LifeSpire’s vision is vibrant living where faith, wellness and community flourish. The organization achieves its mission and vision by adhering to its core values of faith, servant-leadership, stewardship, integrity, peace of mind, innovation and joy. A complete look at LifeSpire’s mission, vision and values is listed below and can also be found online at

In response to numerous resident, employee and stakeholder surveys in the past several years, LifeSpire recognized the need to revisit its mission, vision and value statements, Cook said. In early 2017 LifeSpire initiated a strategic planning process and included a mission, vision and values review. The goal was to better align the organization’s mission, vision and values with the transformations its communities are undergoing as they seek to become the premier senior housing provider and employer-of-choice in the mid-Atlantic region.

“We are proud of the result of this months-long, collaborative effort and believe the results accurately reflect who we are,” Cook said. “Moving forward, these statements are the lens through which ideas are evaluated, decisions are made, and programs are initiated.”

Our Mission:

Empowering individuals with choices in purposeful living.

Our Vision:

Vibrant living where faith, wellness, and community flourish.

Our Core Values:

Faith: Loving God. Loving people. Respecting dignity. Welcoming all.

As a faith-based organization birthed in Christian values and Virginia Baptist traditions, we welcome residents of all faiths. We honor and respect diversity as well as our Christian heritage. Key terms: Diversity, religious freedom, Christ-centered, Virginia Baptist heritage, welcoming, honor, respect, dignity.

Servant-Leadership: Putting the needs of others ahead of ourselves.

We do our work with a focus on others. We meet the needs we see, regardless of job title or position. We recognize and value the contributions of others. Key terms: Compassion, humility, graciousness, others-focused, hospitality, generous listening, community.

Stewardship: Respecting the dignity of those we serve and managing the resources of the organization with integrity.

We recognize and respect the dignity of others. We treat organizational and resident resources with the same attention we give to our personal resources. We are generous with our finances, our time and our talents. Key terms: Benevolence, managing others’ resources, whole-life accountability, dignity, respect, community, wellness.

Integrity: Doing the right thing. Every. Single. Time.

We do our work transparently, building an atmosphere of trust along the way. We provide “resident-centered care,” offering choices in all aspects of senior living. Key terms: Choice, transparency, trust, wellness.

Peace of Mind: Offering safety and security in an atmosphere of compassionate care.

We provide a safe place for residents and staff to live and work. We know each other by name and greet one another with a smile. We provide the highest quality of care and compassion, treating our residents and one another like family. Key terms: Responsiveness, safety, proactive, compassion, care, attentiveness, community.

Innovation: Providing best-in-class solutions and employing best practices to become an industry leader in senior living.

Residents and staff are empowered to make decisions and take risks in the best interests of our residents. We are not afraid to “fail forward.” We encourage creative problem-solving and flexibility in meeting resident needs. We seek to become an industry leader, employing best practices and paying close attention to trends in senior living. Key terms: Creativity, risk-taking, empowered decision-making, flexibility, problem solving, industry leader, best practices, trends, “fail forward.”

Joy: Finding deep satisfaction in our work that permeates our workplace.

The fulfillment and satisfaction we find in our work is infectious and permeates our work environment. We celebrate our differences, understanding that each of us brings a unique perspective to the workplace that benefits residents and staff. We are “there” for each other, supporting one another through professional and personal challenges and victories. Key terms: Fulfillment, fun, inspirational, celebrating and honoring differences, positive atmosphere and culture, encouragement, community, wellness.



Ann Lovell is Corporate Director of Communications for LifeSpire of Virginia, formerly Virginia Baptist Homes. For more information, email or call (804) 521-9192.

LifeSpire of Virginia operates four continuing care retirement communities in Virginia: The Chesapeake in Newport News, The Culpeper in Culpeper, The Glebe in Daleville and Lakewood in Richmond.