A spirit of giving


By Jodi Leonard

Culpeper staff display the Spirit of Giving award. Left to right: Janet Caplinger, Jackie Gordon, Vicky McClung, Twinkle Moore.

Nothing speaks more to the value of family than the 2016 Spirit of Giving Award, which was presented to Jim Jacobson, executive director of The Culpeper, in an awards banquet in October. The award recognizes the LifeSpire community with the highest percentage of staff who give regularly to the Employee Crisis Fund (ECF). Funded through payroll deductions, the ECF provides financial support in times of crisis for an employee, such as a family illness.

“The ‘Spirit of Giving’ award truly tells the ‘Family Story’ displayed at The Culpeper,” Jacobsen said. “Our staff care so much for one another. It is truly a blessing to have such a family atmosphere within our great community. I am so proud of my team and appreciate their dedication to the residents and to each other.”

Twinkle Moore, an employee for 29 years who now works in The Culpeper’s administration office, has been giving to benevolence since 1994 and to the ECF since it began in 2014. Vicky McClung, a nursing employee for 23 years, says she and her co-workers have grown up together. She contributes to the Fund knowing that the money raised supports her friends. Jackie Gordon, a housekeeping employee for six years, already understands the importance of the ECF as she has seen staff assisted by the funds. Janet Caplinger, who works in assisted living, says it this way: “I am more blessed to be able to give.”

In addition to the ECF, LifeSpire and the VBH Foundation have also created a new Employee Education Fund (EEF), which will provide financial support to staff in the form of college scholarships and tuition reimbursement. The EEF is funded through both employee and donor gifts and provides financial assistance to deserving staff through:

  • Tuition reimbursement toward a degree, continuing education, or certification.
  • College scholarships for college-aged staff and staff’s children and grandchildren.

To make a gift to the EEF, please visit the Employee Education Fund tab on the VBH Foundation’s website.

The comfort and assurance that our founder Dr. J.T. Edwards promised to Virginia’s seniors will always be at the forefront of LifeSpire’s values. But it is the commitment that every employee has to one another that enables our communities to feel like home for everyone.

Jodi Leonard is the annual fund manager for the VBH Foundation. She can be reached at jleonard@vbh.org or 804-521-9213.