Dear Mom and Dad – Francis

Cliff Francis_Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

Born in May 1927 and having grown up with you and my brother on a farm in Southampton County, Virginia, I am amazed at how you both got us through the Great Depression which lasted several years through the 1930s.

You had very limited financial resources, however you worked diligently to provide us with sufficient food with vegetables from a large garden, chickens we raised, pork and beef from pigs and cattle grown on the farm, as well as apples, peaches, pears and other edible items from fruit trees we planted. Despite our extremely low income, you both (and especially Mom), invited relatives over for meals on Sundays and other special events.  On many occasions, there would be twenty or more people together to eat at one time.  This was a token of your love in helping your family members who were so dear to you.  For neighbors who had little or no food during their “hard times,” you cooked many meals Mom and shared them with those less fortunate.  Even today, those few living relatives and friends who knew you both say that your “hearts were gold.”

Mom, I remember you telling me as a small child that “if you can’t help someone along life’s way, life is not worth living.” I have always adhered to that philosophy in my journey through life.

Thank you, Mom and Dad for steering me in the right direction.

Your loving son,


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