Thankful for the Love and Care – Beasley

Beasley FamilyAt the young age of 52, my Grandma, Polly Beasley, lost her her husband to cancer. She had never worked outside the home but was an amazing cook.  Her cooking skills soon led her to work at the Newport News Baptist Retirement Home.  During her employment time there, the administrator, Dr. Kenney, would often talk to her about coming to live there as a resident.  In 1982, at the age of 65, she officially decided to make ‘The Baptist Home’ her new home.  Grandma lived at The Chesapeake for over 28 years until she left us at the age of 93 in 2011.  She saw The Chesapeake go through many changes and a major building expansion effort.  She often expressed that one of her life’s greatest blessings was to live there and was thankful to Dr. Kenney for his counsel in leading her there.  They remained friends through the years, and Dr. Kenney presided over her funeral.

Growing up, The Chesapeake was always considered a part of our family. When my parents found out that a new facility was being built in Daleville, VA, they were immediately interested.  Because of our experience with The Chesapeake we knew the value of continuing care and the comfort of knowing our Grandma was being looked out for on a daily basis.  My parents, Bill and Robbie Beasley, gathered my brother and I together to talk through their decision and we all worked together to complete their application.  My parents became one of the first residents of The Glebe.

As a family, we are very thankful for the love and care that the LifeSpire communities have provided to our loved ones over the last 34 years.

Betsy Beasley

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