RICHMOND, Virginia—Virginia Baptist Homes is now LifeSpire of Virginia.

Established in 1945, Virginia Baptist Homes currently operates four distinct retirement communities across the state of Virginia. “We recently took stock of the fact that while our organization had continued to grow and evolve throughout the 70-plus years of our tenure, our name had remained virtually unchanged,” said President and CEO Jonathan Cook. “We decided that was worth investigating.”

Following months of research that included in-depth market analysis, surveys and focus groups with both current and future residents, and detailed input from board and executive team members, the company chose the name LifeSpire of Virginia. “We chose LifeSpire because it both honors our past and, at the same time, more accurately reflects who we are today and where we are headed in the future,” Cook said, stressing that the name change does not involve a change in ownership, staffing or corporate structure. Only the name has changed.

Virginia Baptist Homes has a long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence. LifeSpire will continue to build on this commitment, bringing new and expanded wellness programs, enhanced dining components, increased opportunities for holistic wellness, and continued advocacy in the broader social and political community on behalf of all seniors.

What began as a community for Virginia Baptists has grown to become a vibrant mix of people of all faiths, beliefs, traditions and ethnicities. “LifeSpire is both a promise to remain rooted in our Christian principles and values, and a challenge to continue to reach ever higher in order to better meet the needs and expectations of future generations,” Cook said.

Peter Robinson
Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations
LifeSpire of Virginia

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